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Since 1984 Vako, innovators in window systems, is a leading international manufacturer of curtain systems and accessories. We design, develop and produce window solutions that will take less time to assemble and assure a smooth and reliable operation. With a complete and wide range of applications for soft textiles for small, medium and large window surfaces we supply the full breadth of the market. Our business partners are large curtain workrooms, whole sale, window coverings industry and large (global) retailers.
Innovating is in Vako’s DNA. We are proud to say that we conduct the entire manufacturing process in-house. This is how we are able to guarantee quality, and how we are able to quickly switch from idea to design and from development to production. This approach guarantees that our customers benefit from the best, beautiful and modern solutions.

Our vision

In order for us to provide our business partners with beautiful and suitable solutions,three aspects are particularly important to Vako.

We talk and listen to our business partners and look for creative solutions to translate their wishes into an effective product. We identify active developments in the market and apply our expertise to continue to refresh and improve our work. Whether it concerns completely new items, or modifications to an existing product, if we believe it can be done better or faster, we go for it 100%! This way Vako delivers the best products that meet our Vako Standard:

Design for assembly

We at Vako take care of every part in our complete range of window systems. That’s the only way we can guarantee the best products. Every detail is thoroughly examined by our designers and engineers if the outcome is the way we strive for. We design for assembly. All our products are designed with ease of assembly in mind. Our focus is to reduce the number of parts with an eye for improvement and innovation. For achieving the best result….beautifully designed window systems that will take less time to assemble and assure a smooth and reliable operation.

Child safety

We take child safety extremely seriously when developing and producing our window systems.
We offer a variety of child safety solution from “safe by design” ( cordless systems and motorized) to “In-built safety systems” like the breakable chain- and cord release solutions. Our product designers and engineers constantly look for improvements and are always striving for the best possible safety options.

New innovative design child safety control Unit

We developed an internal Breakaway Mechanism  1:4 Control Unit, Maximum of 10 kg Lift. No Breakaway devices on the chain or other child safety measures are needed.  Comform European legislation chainwheel will fall out when force is applied to both sides of the chain. It ‘s a simple way of placing back the chain and chainwheel into the gear house after falling out.  All parts meets European legislation and can’t be swallowed by children

Please visit the window covering safety council for more information about this matter and download our safety brochure.

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