25 mm motors


25 mm motors


The 25 mm motor is a silent motor with optimal performances when it comes to user comfort for operating roman blinds and honeycomb shades. Choose between a side or middle motor, direct power or a battery pack and accessories like a solar panel and a lite home control plug


  • A side and middle motor available
  • Optimal speed 45 RPM
  • For system 20/04 , 20/09 and 60/15
  • Battery pack
  • Remote control
  • Easylock cord drum
  • Solar panel


  • Middle motor DC electronic 25 mm 08/45 12 V, remote control operated, 45 RPM, 0,8 Newton up to 6 kg
  • Side motor DC electronic 25 mm 0,6/34 12V, remote control operated, 34 RPM, 6 Newton up to 5 kg

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